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All Things Merry and Bright

According to the most recent survey, published by Stats Canada, 1,872 farms grew Christmas trees in Canada, around which, 5.2 million litres of eggnog will be "cheered", while 175,066 tons of cranberries were grown to be served with the 21.8 million turkeys we produced in Canada. 41% of us will trim our homes with LED Lights and we'll stuff our stockings with $460.2 million worth of candy and snacks.

Canadians are very giving. We buy a lots of gifts. Last year we bought $459.9 million worth of tv/audio/ video equipment. We spent $417.8 million on toys, games and hobby supplies and $274.9 million on computer hardware and software. But we are a loving and giving bunch as well. Last year Canadians gave $9.1 billion to charities at Christmas time.

Of the folks who responded to the survey, 67.3% of Canadians will celebrate Jesus' birth, 1.0% will celebrate Hanukkah, 1.1% will party on Bodhi Day in January. 1.4% of Canadians of the Sikh faith will celebrate Guru Gobind Singh's birthday in December .3.2% of Muslim Canadians and 1.5% of people in Canada who are affiliated with a Hindu religion will celebrate their holy days as well.

With that in mind, here's our Christmas wish for you and yours: We hope you completely enjoy every Christmas gift and treat; whether its bought with your hard earned money or something you spent a little extra time making. We hope you spend more time than money: time laughing, singing, playing, smiling, hugging, helping, loving, sitting together, listening and hearing, walking outside and breathing in each moment of each day. We wish that loved ones you are missing could all be here, but in their place, may new hope live and breath life into one moment at a time, one day at a time. May we all learn something amazing about ourselves when dealing with that certain someone who makes the holidays a stressful time. And above all, may peace reign.

Come on over to Bogey's Pub & Eatery while you're up at Sauble Beach over the Holiday Season and join us for a refreshment and a nice meal. We'd love to see you, catch up and hear all about your latest adventure.

If you'd like to join us for New Years Eve, you'd better get your tickets soon we're almost sold out.

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