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The Back 9 holes of the Sauble Golf and Country Club are actually on the most recent portion of the golf course development. Stretching back to the beautiful Sauble River, this set of 9 holes offers long ball play opportunities and many tricky sandtrap manuvers. There are 4 ponds in this section, a winding creek, a twist around the apple tree and surprising breezes that can burst down over the tall pines, lining the sides of the fairways

Hole #10 / Par 4


Keep drives to the left of fairway here. Large tree at front right protects anything from right, especially when there is a blue flag.

Hole #11 / Par 4

Long ball hitters could reach green, but smart play is to the right for an easy second shot in.

Hole #12 / Par 5


Reachable for long hitters in two if they cut the left corner. Smart second shot is to lay up in front of the two apple trees. Fence running down the right side of fairway is out of bounds.

Hole #13 / Par 3

Cedar protect the left side of a large long green, with the river on the right. Breezes lurking above treetops come into play with a lofty club selection.  

Hole #14 / Par 4

This hole demands an accurate tee shot. Four iron to driver will place you in good position for a second shot to the wide open green.

Hole #15 / Par 3

Club selection is critical. If you're too long, it's an extremely difficult second shot from behind the green back to the putting surface.

Hole #16 / Par 5

Pond looms for long tee shots. Apple tree on fairway should be avoided on second shot. Fence on left side of fairway is out of bounds.

Hole #17 / Par 4

Pond on right side gobbles up a lot of drives. You should aim your drive to the left of tree in center of fairway. Pick appropriate tees for your game.

Hole #18 / Par 4

Smart play would be to lay up to the 150 yard marker to avoid most of the tree trouble on this demanding end to the back 9, and final hole of 18.

Back 9: Fresh & New

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