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Meet our Aces

On July 24th, Joan Burgess aced a 105-yard shot on hole #13, making her the most recent addition to this season's rather exclusive Hole-in-One club.

She joins in the company of fellow hole-in-one scorer Lloyd Evans who also had success on hole #13 less than three weeks prior to Joan’s perfect shot.

Roger Brugess is the third member of this season’s Hole-In-One club after his beautiful ace on June 19th on hole #4.

We all know the coveted hole-in-one shot is rare, making the success of our 3 aces an exciting announcement, but just how rare is it really?

According to the American Hole-In-One Association, the actual odds of an amateur player scoring an ace on a par 3–just like our hole #13– is 12,500 to 1.

That stat is even more reason to congratulate Joan, Lloyd, and Roger on their perfect shots when you see them next. And don't forget, while the numbers may seem stacked against you, a success story is always just around the corner– or just inside the cup.

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