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Dedicated Greenskeepers, Rain or Shine

After days and weeks of blue skies and sunshine, it might be all too easy to to wash away our memories of the spring’s wet grass and perpetual rain clouds.

For Jack Gillespie, one of our greenskeepers at Sauble Golf, forgetting this spring’s weather won’t be easy, “This might have been the wettest [spring] in my 33 years at the club.”

He added, “We spent many days running around the course with portable pumps, pumping out many of the low-lying areas and bunkers.”

Removing excess water is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the daily efforts the course maintenance crew put in this spring. Thanks to their resilience and hard work, we all get to enjoy the course in beautiful mid-summer conditions. Pleased with the spring to summer transition, Jack said “the quality of the turf is very much improved.”

Like the turf they care for, the maintenance staff are improving all the time. Most recently, the improvements come in the form of 3 new, very talented and knowledgeable outside staff.

The trio have close to 100 years of experience between them. Proud of the group, Jack commented, “With the hold overs from the past few years we have as good a staff as any in the country.”

If you’re out on the course and see a member of our maintenance team, give them a wave and a smile, or let them know that they're making the course look great! They’ll be pleased to know we recognize their hard work, rain or shine.

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