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Happy Canada Day + Welcome, Members!

First off, we'd like to wish our members, guests, and community a very happy and safe Canada Day! May it be a day of great weather and festivities spent with even greater friends and family.

Leading up to the holiday Monday, here's hoping that you get the chance to kick back and relax over the long weekend, and can come by for a round of golf and some drinks on the patio.

To our members, we'd like to officially welcome you to Sauble Golf for the 2019 season! We're so happy you'll be joining us, and would like to invite you to a Welcome Party coming up on Friday, July 5th.

If you'd like to get in on the events, please register in the Proshop!

The afternoon involves two rounds of the Tombstone Golf challenge, and a big get-together wine&cheese reception happening between rounds.

The first game will start at 2pm. The wine&cheese reception will be between 4-6pm. The second round of tombstone will be at 6pm. You can choose to play one or two rounds.

The game has lots of prizes to be awarded, including prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for each 9 hole round (2pm, 6pm).

There's also prizes for closest to the pin on holes #4 and #15, longest putt on #9, and longest drive on #17!

If you don't know how the game works, or want to know the rules, read on!

How to Play Tombstone:

Members are given a "tombstone" marker to carry with them. Each member gets number of strokes, which is calculated by adding their 9 hole handicap to the 9 hole par.

When you run out of strokes, you stick your tombstone in the ground, making note of where you "died" in the game. Either the player with the most strokes left over or the last player standing wins!


-Use your 9 hole handicap (not your factor- the number with the decimal).

-Add 36 to that number (Our 9s are rated at 36)

-When you have used up all of those strokes, YOU'RE DEAD!

-each player is given a tombstone to mark their grave. Where your last shot comes to rest, that is where you are buried. Place your tombstone in the ground at that point.

-If your last shot ends on a green, please place your tombstone just off the fringe.

-The player who has the most strokes left over is the tombstone champion!

-All putts must be holed out. No gimmies. Each stroke is important. It is another nail in your coffin!

-After you have died, you can still complete your round.

We hope to see you all there for an afternoon of fun, and can't wait to officially say WELCOME!

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