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A very Merry Christmas to You

It's Christmas Eve and our course is covered in a thick layer of beautiful white Christmas snow. The gigantic snowflakes that began falling last night, continue today. It's incredibly beautiful. We are happy to be snuggled in here, cooking turkey and gazing at the spectacle. We hope all of you travelling today have a safe journey and that you land in the loving arms of your friends and family.

Our wish for you today is that you and your family experience the light and joy of Christmas, wherever you are: up here in the North, down South, out East or wandering through the West. May jolliness fill your cup and may love plow your way through the holidays. Below are a few of the images we have captured over the past few weeks. Ellen also posted her favourite Christmas song. Enjoy :)

Merry Christmas

Paul & Ellen

(A View through the Sauble Sign on a colourful morning)

(Taken on a frosty morning from the 1st Tee-box)

(Sunrise on Bruce Road 8)

(Sunset over Sauble Golf)

Ellen's Favourite Christmas Song: "Winter Snow" Chris Tomlin + Audrey Assaud

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