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Party Time!

Happy Christmas!

Party season has arrived and Bogey's is bursting with celebrations this week. This Friday and Saturday night we are already full at dinner time

but open for lunch gatherings in the afternoon and after 9pm Friday and Saturday night, for live music with The Honey Hammers.

New Years Eve

Our 7pm Dinner+ Music seating is full but our 5pm Dinner Only seating still has tables available. Tickets are $50 in advance for the Meal (which will be simply fabulous). If you want to join the party, all are welcome to pop in after 10pm. Entertainment this year is our own Stone Cold Garage Band with Larry and Steve Dickinson on acoustic and lead vocals. If you have tickets already but haven't booked your shuttle yet, do it soon. Call 519-422-3366.

40th Annual Sauble Beach Winterfest

Make plans now to be in Sauble Beach for our 40th Annual Winterfest Wknd, January 18 + 19th, 2019. It's a great time for all ages. Again this year, Paul and Ellen Farrow (owners of Sauble Golf) are planning the parade on behalf of the Sauble Beach Chamber of Commerce and Sauble Sno-Riders Association. So feel free to email us at and let us know that you can jump in and join us for the parade. We are hoping to make it bigger than ever this year. A float, a band, a car or truck, a donkey, sled, ATV or your own two legs...just be there and be ready to have way too much fun at Winterfest.

Oh Deer, it's cold outside!

But thanks to the great work done by Pete Shakes and crew, our own Bert, Raz and Paul, we are enjoying a much warmer climate in Bogey's. Our veranda area recently received a heating/cooling duct upgrade. So far our customers have found it much cozier while dining and this summer it should certainly help us bring the temperatures down during the dog days of summer.

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