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Hello white stuff!

As predicted by the fine weather folks, the snow has arrived, just one day after Jack pulled the pins and sealed the greens. Talking about timing! But over these last few months it has been great seeing visitors and members out golfing in the Autumn weather. (Pictured below: Greens showing their lovely emerald at 8am today and one hour later, covered in snow and our lovely beach in pre-winter mode)

We really did have a fabulous year together, didn't we. So thank you for being part of 2018 with us. We are already getting excited about the 2019 season. We have lots of new members coming to Sauble Golf and so many of our current members have resigned for next year too.

Paul is back into renovation mode. This time the veranda is getting enhanced heating & cooling. The duct work installation is finished and is working great. The new window will be installed in the next few weeks, followed by some painting, carpet repair and cleaning.

If you are around the area and miss seeing our smiling faces, Bogey's is open Thursday thru Saturday at 11am, for lunch, dinner or just hanging around by the fire. Golf is always on TV at the bar and you can usually find a couple of friends to chat up on a snowy day.

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