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Falling Upward

THANKSGIVING has come and gone and with it, so many of our members and guests have moved home or to their warmer winter place.

We had so much fun Thanksgiving Weekend we already miss you. But as this warm autumn continues to shine it's lovely yellow sun in the bright blue Sauble Sky, we are still open and have golfers. The ProShop coffee pot is an even more welcome sight to our morning guests. With the starting temp for today below 10 celsius, we all had cold hands, warm hearts and a good caffeine-high.


Paul and John Chappell ripped the carpet out of the veranda last night when Bogey's closed. Good bye ugly old carpet! The nice folks from Wardell Carpet are installing the first portion of the new carpet right now. It already looks fabulous. By October 24th we'll have all of the carpets replaced with our new earthy looking carpet (which we are jokingly calling "Chicken Wing colour" carpet). That should make a big difference. Next up in Bogey's: Fix the tables. Our "hard as nails" coating of grey wasn't as hard as they said it would be. Oh well, the next solution should work much better.

Stay Tuned for more updates as they happen...

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