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It's Christmas Time...

Hey Gang!

Here we are, one week before Christmas and the business of the Holiday Party Season is just starting to slow down a little bit (which followed

fast on the heels of our lovely Autumn golf season). Only a few more small events to host for members, groups and businesses and we get to take a few days off to hang out with our kids and family.

So we figured this would be a really good time to wish you a Merry Christmas. We want you to know that we are thinking of you, we really miss you and we are starting to get excited about seeing you again in the Spring. In the meantime, may your Christmas get-togethers be merry and bright and may the brave New Year usher in new hope and fresh blessings for each of you.

Just yesterday I made all of the Gift Cards that go out to Members who signed up before November 1st. So, if you are up and around this neck of the woods and would like your gift card, please feel free to ask. They are safely locked away just waiting for you to come in and claim them.


Bogey's Pub & Eatery is closed Dec 24-27, re-opening for the December 28-31.

Our New Years Eve Dinner & Party is sold out but we have a special Pre-New Year's Eve Party happening on Saturday December 30th, for a double-bill performance, featuring

"The Stone Cold Garage Band" with Larry Dickinson and Tommy Gilham on lead and acoustic. It's a veritable feast for the ears, of rock & country music. If you have other plans for New Years or would just rather come out and play on Saturday night, come join us. Dinner reservations are suggested.

What's New? Well, let me tell you...

If you haven't been by since the end of October you likely haven't seen the new carpet we had installed. It is such a refreshing change (in so many ways).

Walking in the main front door

main dining doom

lovely and bright veranda seating

Our Club House; Bogey's Pub & Eatery is looking good. It has been full just about every weekend over the Holiday Season. We have met quite a few new couples who are calling Sauble their "retirement" year-round home. With any luck, you'll have a bunch of new friends joining you for league days and nights during the 2018 Golf Season.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

With special thanks to our member Ron Jones, we will have sparkling, like-new ball washers all over our course. (Can you believe how they look?!)

Gone are the days of dirty balls and dry, useless washers. Welcome to the new and improved Sauble Golf: clean balls for everyone. Hurray! We are so excited in fact, we may host an inaugural Ball-Washing event (lol).

IN THE PROCESS: Making Sauble Golf & Country Club Even Better

Paul and Johnny and their crew were really busy this Fall working away on the Course. Here's a brief run-down from Paul on the projects and their status when the snow hit:


4 major, permanent drainage projects completed: #1 in front of green drained to new pond in practice fairway #6 fairway drained to new pond in practice fairway #12 fairway in front of White Teebox drained across #14 to bush. All with new culverts and cart paths installed. The big one is #2 (pics) with new pond dug into existing pond. 4 sets of drainage installed on each side of creek, filled in front of green and filled on south side of creek. Everything works!! We have a bit of cleaning up to do in the Spring but we’re very excited to provide improved conditions to our valued members and guests.

AND FINALLY.... Meesta Fluffers has been working hard, cutting through the snow to rid the course of moles, clear the area of mice and all other forms of varmints. He has even given chase to a few red squirrels (with very little success) but Johnny has some special stuff for those cute little nuisances.

So, we hope you are finding your warm weather retreat enjoyable and restful. If you're up here in the snowbelt with us, we hope you'll come in and visit, share some stories and laughter, watch some golf and catch some of the excitement bubbling around here, as we plan a wonderful 2018 season.

All our best to you and yours,

Paul, Ellen, the kids, the cat

& the Sauble Golf Team.

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